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The Re-Genre Project: Digital Remixing for Improved Composition and Transfer

19 October 2016–New York State English Counsel Conference

Albany, New York


One cornerstone of writing is the rhetorical situation: A composition is crafted towards audience and around a central purpose, shaped by genre and medium. Traditional student essays ask students to write for the teacher, within a prescribed format and towards a given topic.

Assuming that students have a lifetime of working only within this one rhetorical situation, is it any wonder that many students struggle when the situtation changes outside of the academic context?

A re-genre project asks students to take their compositions and find new rhetorical situations. An analytical essay on “The Raven” becomes a fan-based website. The argumentative essay on structured play at recess becomes an infographic. The personal narrative becomes a “This I Believe” podcast.

This session will look at current composition theory, and this presenter’s experiences with the concept of the “re-genre” to promote transfer of skills, digital literacy and leadership, and putting students into the place of making powerful decisions about their own writing.

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