What if schools operated as if we should all be “learners”? Part 2 #IMOOC week 3

Yesterday, our school played host to a first-ever regional workshop of 4 area schools.

About 800 educators came together to spend the day in workshops, presentations, discussions, sharings, connections all in the service of the theme of the day “Connecting for Kids.”

The premise was simple–we have a lot of education talent in the Finger Lakes region. Let’s put it together, share those resources and knowledge, and our kids can benefit.

Such things do not happen easily. A coordinated effort such as this takes time, and it takes resources. Superintendents trusted that it could come together. Such is the culture of innovation.

The vibe for the day was amazing. Everyone that I spoke with felt like they were learning, and felt like the connection between other teachers and educators inspired and re-filled those March-empty teacher tanks.

Such a day makes room for people to return to something fundamental. It allows us to become learners again. We connected for kids, but we also connected for ourselves and our passions.

Now back to that title question. This is only one instance of how we might do this. I’d like to suggest something further. Let’s take a week of every day to engage in something like this as a school. I’m thinking of something like the 20-time model.

Every Friday should be a day where teachers, administrators and students learn about something that they want to learn about: to make, to create, to build, to learn about things that they’re really passionate about.

We could use parents and other community members to monitor things, manage the building, so that we could have cultures where everyone was a learner together.


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  1. I’m certainly not disagreeing with you, but how do we flip the 20% rule? How do we make 20% of our time dedicated to the minutiae of our profession, and make 80% dedicated to what students, teachers, administrators want to learn? I realize it may seem like a far-fetched idea, but what are all the ways we can make this happen at every school?

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