The run this morning was moist, huffy, green. The full, open palm of August pushing its hand on the shoulder, on the chest, grabbing onto the drippy back of the t-shirt. In all this, ironically, clarity.

I’ve been thinking the past month about this blog, tinkering with the theme, the layout, and wondering about the content. Looking back at its posts, the timeline of where I started and what I was writing about, where my passions and interests lay at the time, where I see myself now, I was thinking about what I wanted to make it.

Out on my run this morning, the first trail run since my epic fail at this year’s Vermont 100 Endurance run, amid the humid muck of the upstate New York August, I had a break through.

See, I started this blog several years ago on the advice of a good friend and technology mentor, who suggested I start a blog because I wanted to drum up business for consulting high school seniors on their college essays (something that I have considerable experience and insight into from the number of students I’ve worked with for almost 20 years), but didn’t really know anything about blogs, and I didn’t really read any blogs.

That plan and intention didn’t really work. While I still love working with students on their college essays, making a business and money from it isn’t something that I was super interested in long term.

Now, my interests lie in instruction, creativity, creation, the maker movement, teaching writing, technology and technology integration, trail running, ultra marathoning, a quest to run around all the Finger Lakes, flipping my classroom, project based learning, learning how to shuck an oyster, authentic learning, depth of knowledge, Schoology, DocentEdu, International Baccalaureate Program. The list goes on. I’ve written about these things on the blog already.

File_000 (2)

It was on that moist run, where all this gelled. What I’m really interested in is the intersection of these passions and how I bring them together.

How does my distance running help to inform my teaching practice?

How does being a writer help me to understand student writing better?

How does learning the four classic French cooking sauces help me to create a better learning environment in my classroom? Does it?

Integrations should be the exploration of how the different elements in my life connect. The run this morning was one place where this happened, and I’m guessing many have a similar experience. You go out for a run and you figure it out. The idea comes either stumbling or flying or walking with a friendly wave out of the chaos of the imagination. For many, those moments are why we run regularly, or why there’s an impulse to run after a bad day at work. For me, it was just one of those moments where running, language and this blog came together.