Here’s What I’ll Be Up to at NYSCATE 

This year’s conference will be a combination of looking at some of the practicalities of adopting LMS systems and creating flipped learning environments paired with thinking about using technology to assist with learning.Our staff development coordinator is having all district participants meet to coordinate conference schedules so that we take on a divide and conquer approach to the conference. For me, I’ll be looking to attend anything that might approach the following threads:

1. A premium on all this having to do with LMS and CMS. We are putting a hard look at adoption of both Google Classroom along with potentially adoption of Canvas or other such tools in order to be able to differentiate to diverse community of teachers and learners.

2. Flipping and the hardware for flipping. 

3. Tools for learning. Tools that will help me learn better and helping me to teach learning better. I’m reading From Master Teacher to Master Learner by Will Richardson right now and he’s helping my paradigms shift. 

I read this book last night and I’ve been thinking about it all day. I just don’t want to go to NYSCATE and find the latest app. I’m looking to be inspired to help my students to learn with technology.!

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