Fall Race Notes

Three races in five weeks. A total of 81 miles.

A nice fall.
Can Lake 50k way too hot. 70 something. No wind. Full sun. I need to learn to consume more calories. What is salt all about?
20k in Mendon Ponds. Cool. Rainy. Thinking about trying some trail sneaks.
Dirt Cheap Stage race. Single track. Places I wanted a rope. Fun. Ready for more trails.
Looking towards spring: Muddy Sneaker. Medved race. Sehgahunda. Guys at work talking about WV Ragnar–30 trail miles over 24 hours.
Summer: Green Lakes 50k. Let’s invest in trail running shoes.
Fall: Can Lake 50–miler? Life is pain, suffering? Let’s confirm. Cape Cod marathon. And if it weren’t for the family reunion, then the Adirondack Ragnar.
Join the YMCA. Need some core stability work, ankle strength.